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SICS är ett av de lokala W3C-kontoren i Europa, Afrika och Asien.

W3C:s huvudnoder ligger i USA, Frankrike och Japan.


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Nyhetsbrev maj 2000




Internetanvändandet i Europa

Trots vissa svårigheter att skaffa statistik presenterar vi här en aktuell sammanställning från W3C över internetanvändandet i Europa. Grekland är utelämnat pga avsaknad av tillförlitlig statisitk.

Sverige intar en överlägsen ställning vad det gäller den relativa andelen internetanvändande - hela 44,3%. I absoluta tal placerar vi oss också bra på en femteplats.

Land Internetanvändare
Sverige 3 950 8 911 44,3
Norge 1 340 4 438 30,2
Finland 1 430 5 158 27,7
Storbrittanien 13 975 59 113 23,6
Nederländerna 2 933 15 807 18,6
Schweiz 1 179 7 275 16,2
Tyskland 12 285 82 087 15,0
Danmark  741 5 356 13,8
Belgien 1 400 10 182 13,7
Irland  370 3 632 10,2
Frankrike 5 696 58 978 9,7
Israel  500 5 749 8,7
Italien 4 745 56 735 8,4
Spanien 2 905 39 167 7,4
Österrike  362 8 139 4,4
Portugal  200 9 918 2,0



Interoperabilitetdemonstration av P3P

P3P - Platform for Privacy Preferences

W3C kommer i juni att demonstrera en implementation av sitt P3P-projekt som förväntas leda till en rekommendation för hur man i sin webbläsare hanterar inställningar för personlig integritet.

Tiden för revisioner av den föreslagna rekommendationen gick ut den 30:e april varefter det krävs två interoperabilitetsdemonstrationer för att man ska anta rekommendationen. Den första av dessa kommer att ske i New York den 21 juni.

"World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) will be tested in New York on June 21.

The P3P project gives Internet users the ability to equip their browser with privacy preferences of their own choosing. Should users come across Web sites that fail to meet their preferences, an alarm will go off, says P3P's Janet Daly. One advantage of P3P is that users need not read the privacy policies of every Web site they visit. The P3P project was the subject of a legal analysis last year that threatened to jeopardize the project, but a legal determination was made that the P3P software did not violate Intermind's patented push technology. Online privacy has become more of a mainstream issue since DoubleClick's data-collection practices came under public scrutiny"

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XForms DataModel

Nästa generation webformulär

Den 18:e april annonserade W3C den första offentliga Public Working Draft av XForms DataModel.

Det är nu sju år sedan de strukturer för webformulär vi idag använder fick sin form och W3C introducerar nu XForms för att möta dagens ökande behov av komplicerade transaktioner mot databas- och workflow-tillämpningar i en XML-baserad webmiljö.

Specifikationen för XForms data model är den första som publicerats och man räknar med att följa upp med specifikationer för protokoll och användargränssnitt.





Nya medlemmar

Antalet medlemmar är nu 419. Här är en brittisk sammanställning över de senaste medlemmarna:

  • Curl Corporation: Founded in 1998 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Curl is dedicated to maximizing the user experience on the Web by what they call "Web-centric computing". Curl grew out of a DARPA funded project at MIT. Web-centric Computing is where users work in an environment in which a mouse click invokes services that can be performed locally, remotely, or a combination of both. A seamless and invisible layer of software frees the content or application developer and their user from the hassles endemic to traditional operating systems and software.
  • Evoke Incorporated: formerly called Vjstream from Loiusville, Colorado, Evoke are into Webconferencing which gives you instant access to conferencing, Webcasting and recording. Their systems allow you to show slide presentations to prospective clients or use Web controls to manage collaborations seamlessly.
    Evoke Talking Email adds voice messages to email. Evoke Webconferencing gives you instant access to conferencing with graphics, tracking and control. Evoke Webcasting puts videos and live events on the Web for all to see.
  • GMV Network: a streaming media technology company with a focus on RTSP and Java based development. GMV has their own Distributed Media Framework which is agnostic towards specific encoders and decoders.
  • Honda Motor Company: pretty site but all in Japanese! Still most people know who Honda are!
  • Meteko Corporation: a Toronto -based company who are developing an application framework for editing data expressed in XML. Using a declarative programming framework they hope to provide a new paradigm for interfacing with complex data. The framework will first be used to develop web-based applications.
  • BeVocal, Inc.: As its name implies, this Santa Clara company is primarily interested in voice communication with a particular interest in the convergence of wireless, Internet, and speech technologies.
  • Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingenieurs: this large Engineering University in Rabat is the home of the W3C Moroccan Office in conjunction with ENSIAS, the other Information Systems Institute in Rabat.
  • FastIdeas is a Denver-based company that accelerates the success of Internet start-ups by freeing bright entrepreneurs to focus on transforming ideas into businesses. This focus is achieved by providing seed-stage companies with the talent and expertise needed to reach the marketplace quickly and boldly.
  • infoShark: Based in Chantilly, Virginia, infoShark provides corporations with XML solutions that liberate data and deliver just-right, bi-directional data, at the right time, and in the right format for eBusiness applications. infoShark has developed its Commerce Accelerated Relational Data (CARD) Schema provides all the necessary information to recreate relational databases and populate them with their data via the Internet.
  • IRSIT: the Institution de Recherches en Sciences Informatiques et Télécommunications in Tunis is the likely home for the W3C Tunisian Office.
  • Kinecta Corporation: based in San Francisco, the company used to be called ShiftKey. It provides Distributed Information Management solutions with particular emphasis on the automated exchange and management of distributed information. Its Interact platform empowers companies to exchange, manage and transform digital content, including HTML, XML, graphical files, database records, streaming media, etc.
  • Logistics Management Institute (LMI): LMI, based in Virginia, is a private, nonprofit corporation that provides management consulting, research, and analysis to governments and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Macro4: this UK company is a developer of systems software solutions designed for the S/390, OS/400, UNIX and Windows NT computing platforms. It markets a set of UniQ products such as UniQDispatch for intelligent document distribution.
  • MessagingDirect Ltd.: A Canadian company that develops electronic document delivery solutions for seamless and secure delivery of bills, statements and other confidential documents right to the desktop. MessagingDirect's M-Bill delivers bills securely directly to the customer's email inbox, eliminating the need for paper bills with a capacity to deliver up to five million bills in one 24-hour period on a two-processor server. M-Bill uses S/MIME encryption technology.
  • Nexgenix: Based in Atlanta, it provides end-to-end e-Business services. Nexgenix e-Relationship Quotient (eRQ) is based on more than 100 metrics and helps online businesses determine their Web sites' e-Relationship-building capability.
  • Novadigm, Inc.: Provides software and content management solutions, for enterprise and Internet computing environments based on its e-wrap technology.
  • Inc.: A financial services company.
  • Payment Technologies, Inc.: Located in Pennsylvanis, this is a consulting firm specializing in the payments industry.
  • Sequoia Software Corporation: provides XML-powered software for creating interactive e-business portals. Its XML Portal Server (XPS) gives users a Web-based, single point of personalized access to distributed information.
  • Summus Ltd: Summus develops media solutions for encoding, managing, and distributing digital content. It has a MaxxNote video email and some wavelet compression technology for fast downloading of images.
  • UserLand Software: UserLand is a technology and publishing company focused on the Web as a writing environment and a medium of high-integrity journalism. It s software proucts inclue Manila,a server application to allows groups of writers, designers and graphics people to manage full-featured, high performance web sites. Frontier is a HTTP server, programming, database and XML environment to build big-content news-oriented sites.
  • We Media Inc.: A cross-media company designed for Americans with disabilities. It has a site for people with disabilities.


I nästa nyhetsbrev hoppas vi att återkomma med intryck från webkonferrensen i Amsterdam som pågår nästa vecka.

Trevlig maj!